If Mike has 6 great songs that are disco songs, then I’m gonna sing them because they’re great songs.
Chester Bennington, believing in everything that Mike makes.  (via caroleeone)

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No I’m not your soldier, I’m not taking any orders
I’m a five star general infantry controller, need a lesson, let me show you.
All for Nothing, Linkin Park, The hunting party album (via dirty-irish)

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Careful what you shoot for, cause you might hit what you aim for.
Mike Shinoda: Keys to the Kingdom, The Hunting Party (via emilyyeathatsmyname)

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Idk if this has been done yet, but I had to.

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"They killed everyone I loved right in front of me. You know how i feel, start acting like it."

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asdsahafsjkjtnahgajhıuıjhşçlgön (SANDALYEDEN DÜŞTÜ)

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Super subtitles that are far from natural

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In these moments of loss and torment
When the vast skies don’t seem to call to you
When the weight of this world bears down
And the stars have fallen like tears

I am with you always,
From the darkness of night until the morning
I am with you always,
From life until death takes me

Monuments built in remembrance of me
But monuments fade, erode and decay
The memories are all that remain
As far as east is from the west, remember

Always- killswitch engage (via -kitch809-)

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